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APP CONTROL,SmartHeat,Double Head Vibration Wand Massager,Custom Vibration Mode,16 Vibration Mode

APP CONTROL,SmartHeat,Double Head Vibration Wand Massager,Custom Vibration Mode,16 Vibration Mode Item NO: 905114

US$ 75.00
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  • APP CONTROL▶ Through our App, you can control the massager how it vibrate; You can also share the link per Facebook/Twitter/liner to your friend, they can control the vibration mode and let you more comfortable.
  • SPA FUNCTION▶ You will have an amazing experience to use a double head vibration massage stick with smart heating. It can best relieve muscle pain, leg fatigue, neck, back, shoulder and pressure recovery.
  • WATERPROOF▶ 100% waterproof, so that you can enjoy massage in the shower or bath. It is also really easy to clean.
  • BODY SAFE MATERIAL▶ Tasteless medical grade, flexible non-porous silicone and high quality ABS, soft, not harsh and safe. Suitable for people to relieve pain.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY▶ Reaching the pinnacle of physical comfort is even easier thanks to the USB-rechargeable battery. Complete with a USB cable to keep it fully powered, use it whenever and wherever you want!

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Product Name APP CONTROL,SmartHeat,Double Head Vibration Wand Massager,Custom Vibration Mode,16 Vibration Mode
Item NO 905114
Weight 0.2600 kg = 0.5732 lb = 9.1712 oz
Category Toy > Vibrating Wand
Tag massager , app control , smartheat
Creation time 2018-06-29

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Such a double head vibration massager wand with heating and App Control is perfect for use as an allover body massager, such as waist, back, shoulders and necks. It's easy to get to those hard to reach spots per its small size.


Benefits of Regular Massaging:

Can relax, relieve fatigue and relieve stress.

Can improve sleep and dramatically improve sleep quality.

Local massage can consume excess fat to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Promotes the body's endocrine, assists in the excretion of rubbish in the body and skin, and enhances skin cosmetic effects.


Main Features:

Size: 220*70*35mm (8.6*2.8*1.4in)

Length of work (in full charge):45min

APP Control+16 Vibration Mode + double Head vibration + Heating


► How to use:

- On/Off: press and hold the button for 1.5 seconds. (up button for the above; down for below)

- Click it once: 8 vibration mode for above and 8 for below

- APP CONTROL: Through our App, you can control the massager how it vibrate yourself; you can also share the link per Facebook/Twitter/liner to your friend, they can control the vibration for you


► Package:

1 x Massager Stick

1 x USB Cable

1 x Bag

1 x User Manual



Cures the aching with a shaking


Amazon Customer

Like that it's rechargeable


deborah fenning

it is great



It’s amazing!


Tucker Lovell

Lasted almost 3 years and gave my wife countless orgasms. One full charge always lasted several sessions. Not bad for $25!!!


Carlos Cruz




11 out of 10 stars



Boyfriend? What boyfriend? You mean that old thing?! Jk. But this is a fantastic massager. Wowee! Even my significant other enjoys it haha. It is a lil noisy and can be a bit strong so if you’re sensitive I wouldn’t slam directly on your fun button! Near it will still take you to cloud 9. I’m sad I even leave home without it.

Update: It will not charge. I received it Sunday and it’s dead Friday



It gets the job done!



Had a plug-in Hitachi... first experience with a wand type... it was noisy but did the trick... I didn't think a rechargeable cordless would be any good...
Told the wife it would probably best to stick with a plug-in ,that it would have to be more powerful and dependable...
Thanks to all the great reviews an excellent price, could not deny giving this thing a try
So glad we did... it is actually more powerful and way better as well as much smaller... read all the comments about it being noisy... I think it's actually quiet
Simply can't go wrong... far exceeded our expectations


Bonnie Blackwell

The power level can almost be overwhelming...unless it's used *just* right. The noise level is acceptable, it's quieter than others we have had. Overall, this has been a pretty satisfying purchase.



Boyfriend got it for me for my 20th birthday. This thing is called halo for a reason...this baby took me to jesus and back and I havent even fully used it.


Dizzy Verdugo

Inexpensive and well worth it


Cody Doolittle

First one arrived broken but sent message to amazon and had one in 24 hours! Wife loves it but says it’s not quite as powerful as the magic wand



Holy moly!!
First of all I just have to say that I am really impressed by the price! Some vibrators run hundreds of dollars and this was under $30! And so so so worth every penny



I own a LELO Smart Wand, but I was looking for something a little smaller for travel, and possibly to use as a backup, since my LELO wand's charging port is corroding.

The pros: The vibrations on this little wand are very intense, but kinda buzzy. I'm a fan of buzzy, so it works well for me. I really like the silicone covering the charging port on the bottom, so I'm not afraid to bring it in the shower or even wash it off in the sink, unlike my LELO wand. The charger itself is a USB adapter, and a cord that plugs into the wand, so you could probably charge it off of your computer, if plugs are in short supply. The buttons are easy to reach in use even if the handle is fun sized. It also comes with a silky drawstring bag for storage.

The Cons: The wand starts on the highest vibration setting. If you want to start low, you have to step down by pressing the vibration strength button, which after reaching the lowest setting is the same button that steps up the vibes.

It also doesn't remember the vibration strength settings between patterns. So if you're on a low setting, then switch patterns... it might be an intense surprise. There are also no gentle wave patterns, just different combinations of short, medium, and long vibes, along with a steady, continuous vibe.

It's also a bit loud, so if you're sharing a room or your walls are thin, that might be a problem for you. I haven't been caught using it in the shower by my housemates, however, so your mileage may vary.

For the price point, it's a quality product, and I'm getting one for a friend for her birthday. I am taking a star off because the vibration patterns themselves are lacking to me and the lack of memory when switching between the patterns.


Michael D.

Got this and immediately plugged it in to charge it up over night. Strong vibrations, doesn't make a lot af noise, easy to hold, the charge lasted for about 6 usages, then in the middle of everything stopped. Plugged in the charger and it won't charge, little light that indicates it's charging doesn't come on so... it's broke. Great while it lasted.



Works amazing who needs s man now lol



Well made, waterproof, it’s amazing, well worth the money!!



so hard to plug in to charge. my charger broke after a month

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